Posted by Benoît "badetitou" Verhaeghe on December 13, 2018


The aims of Casino is to migrate semi-automatically the front-end of applications regardless of its implementing language. The front-end corresponds to the widgets, theirs behaviors and how the interact with the backend.

Migration Strategy

Here is a diagram showing the migration steps implemented by Casino.

Current results

Here are some examples of the results obtained for GWT application migration to Angular:

Source Application (GWT) Target Application (Angular)
Home GWT Home Angular
Libelle GWT Libelle Angular
Nav GWT Nav Angular
Nav2 GWT Nav2 Angular
Onglet GWT Onglet Angular
uiDesk GWT uiDesk Angular

The core of the project (with the importer GWT and the exporter Angular) is available on github. There are also:

Importer Exporter
Swing Spec
Spec Spec2
HTML Seaside
GWT/GXT Aurelia

Some importer or exporter are still in beta version. But you can help us! :smile:

To use Casino, we must use a Moose 8 image.


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