Pharo baselines in 5min

I am working with Pharo for 7 years now. And all my project starts the...

Test your Moose code using CIs

You have to test your code!

Migrating internationalization files

A nice MDE example

Connecting/Extending meta-models

How to create Moose sub meta-models

Using FFI to control VLC from Pharo

An introduction to the FFI library

Analysing Java with VSCode

How to use VSCode and Moose to analyse Java projects?

Dev - Pharo Language Server

Description of the Language Server Protocol for Pharo

Coasters collection

Or how to create a minimal model in Moose 8

Testing and releasing Pharo with GitHub actions

How to use GitHub to test my project?

Download musics from Google Play Music

Or how to use Pharo to control Python and VLC library?

Testing UFFI Binding with Travis

How to set up travis to test FFI

Collect users' data

I present how to collect data from users in Pharo

Analyze OO project

I present a tool that does a quick analysis of Java projects With Moose

Cheat sheet Pandoc Md to pdf

I present some commands I use with pandoc to create pdf file